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  • Overload Relay
  • Type Thermal
  • Motor FLA 4.5 to 6.3 Ampere
  • Number of Poles 3
  • Trip Class Class 10
  • Reset Type Automatic/Manual
  • Ambient Temperature Compensated
  • Auxiliary Contact 1NO-1NC
  • Contact Rating 690 VAC at 50/60 Hz
  • Terminal Type Screw
  • Mounting Contactor
  • Enclosure IP20
  • Application 1 and 3-Phase
  • Approval UL, CSA, CE, CCC, ATEX, EAC
  • Ambient Temperature Rating -40 to 70 Deg C
  • Size 45 MM W x 85 MM D x 85 MM H

Features / Benefits

  • Overload and Phase Failure Protection
  • Switch Position Indicator
  • TEST Function
  • STOP Button
  • Sealable Cover
  • Terminal Cover
3RU21 thermal overload relays up to 100 A have been designed to provide current-dependent protection for loads with normal starting against impermissibly high temperature rises due to overload or phase failure. An overload or phase failure results in an increase of the motor current beyond the set rated motor current. Via heating elements, this current rise heats up the bimetal strips inside the device which then bend and as a result trigger the auxiliary contacts by means of a tripping mechanism. The auxiliary contacts then switch off the load by means of a contactor. The break time depends on the ratio between the tripping current and the current setting and is stored in the form of a long-term stable tripping characteristic curve. The 3RU2 thermal overload relays are suitable for operation with frequency converters. The devices are manufactured in accordance with environmental guidelines and contain environmentally friendly and reusable materials. They comply with all important worldwide standards and approvals. The 3RU21 thermal overload relays are suitable for customers from all industries who want to guarantee optimum inverse-time delayed protection of their electrical loads (e.g. motors) under normal starting conditions (CLASS 10, 10A). The 3RU21 thermal overload relays have been designed for the protection of three-phase and single-phase AC and DC motors."

3RU2126-1GB0 690 VAC 50/60 Hz, 4.5 to 6.3 FLA, 3-Pole, 1NO-1NC, Class 10, S0 Frame, Automatic/Manual Reset, Screw Terminal, Thermal, Overload Relay

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Commodity Level DescripOverload Relays & Accessories
Commodity CodeOverload Relays & Accessories
Reset TypeAutomatic/Manual
Number of Poles3
Trip ClassClass 10
Terminal TypeScrew
Auxiliary Contact1NO-1NC
Ambient TemperatureCompensated
Additional InfoAmbient Temperature Rating -40 to 70 Deg C; Size 45 MM W x 85 MM D x 85 MM H
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