• Molded Case Circuit Breaker
  • Type Electronic
  • Voltage Rating 600 VAC/250 VDC
  • Maximum AC Voltage Rating 600 V
  • Maximum DC Voltage Rating 250 V
  • Current Rating 25 Ampere
  • Number of Poles 3
  • Trip Setting 55 to 180 Ampere
  • Motor FLA 4.23 to 16.4 Ampere
  • Terminal Type Not Included
  • Size 6 Inch W x 4 Inch D x 7 Inch H
  • Approval UL 489

Features / Benefits

  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers are Used in Motor Circuits as a Disconnecting Means and for Short-Circuit Protection
  • They Should be Used in Conjunction with Motor-Running, Over-Current-Protection Devices and Should Permit the Motor to Start without Nuisance Tripping from Motor-Inrush Current
  • Siemens ETI Motor Circuit Protectors are Recommended for Use in Combination Motor Starters to Provide Selective Short-Circuit Protection for the Motor Branch Circuit
  • The Adjustable Instantaneous-Trip Feature of the Siemens ETI Motor Circuit Protector Provides for a Trip Setting Slightly Above the Peak Motor-Inrush Current
  • With this Setting, No Delay is Introduced in Opening the Circuit When a Fault Occurs
The recommended motor circuit protectors (Siemens ETI instantaneous only circuit breakers) listed have continuous-current ratings of at least 115% of motor full-load currents. The trip-setting positions are approximately 11 times motor full-load currents. The suggested trip settings may have to beadjusted upward to no higher than 1300% of full-load current for non-design E type motors, and no greater than 1700% of full load current for design E motors, to allow for motor start-up due to inrush currents."

ED63A025 600 VAC, 250 VDC, 25 A, 3-Pole, 55 to 180 A Trip, Load Lug Terminal, ED-Frame, Magnetic, Motor Circuit Protector

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Commodity Level Descrip3 Pole Motor Circuit Protector Circuit Breakers
Commodity Code3 Pole Motor Circuit Protector Circuit Breakers
Number of Poles3
Maximum AC Voltage Rating600 V
Maximum DC Voltage Rating250 V
Voltage Rating600 VAC/250 VDC
Current Rating25 Ampere
ApprovalUL 489
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