• Fusible Safety Switch
  • Type Heavy Duty Safety
  • AC Voltage Rating 480/600 V
  • DC Voltage Rating 250/600 V
  • Current Rating 100 Ampere
  • Power Rating 25 HP at 480 VAC, 30 HP at 600 VAC 3-Phase (Standard), 60 HP at 480 VAC, 75 HP at 600 VAC 3-Phase (Maximum for Time Delay Fuse), 20 HP at 250 VDC, 50 HP at 600 VDC
  • Number of Poles 3
  • Number of Wires 3
  • Fuse Provision Fusible
  • Fuse Type Class H/J/R/T, Time Delay
  • Neutral Type No
  • Enclosure NEMA 12
  • Size 12.02 Inch W x 10.46 Inch D x 23.16 Inch H
  • Approval UL 98
  • Number of Fuses 3
  • Applicable Standard NEMA KS-1, CBC
  • Application Grounded Wye System Service Entrance Equipment

Features / Benefits

  • Quick-Make, Quick-Break Operating Mechanism that Ensures Positive Operation
  • Visible Blade, Double-Break Switching Action
  • Arc Chutes Dissipate Heat and Prolong Switch Life
  • Highly Visible Red Handle Grip Designed for Hook Stick Operation
  • Defeatable Dual Cover Interlock
  • Center Punch Provided for Field Drilling to Allow on Padlocking
  • Handle Can be Padlocked in the Off Position with up to (3) Padlocks with 5/16 Inch Hasps
  • Generous Top, Bottom and Side Gutters that Meet or Exceed Nec Wire-Bending Space Requirements
  • Informative Door Labeling Which Includes Replacement Parts List
  • Tangential Knockouts Through 600A for Easy Conduit Lineup
  • Side-Hinged Door that Opens Past 180 Deg for Easier Wiring
  • Unique Enclosure Design Increases Rigidity and Prevents Cuts and Scrapes to Conductors and Installers Hands
  • Spring Reinforced Fuse Clips that Assure Reliable Contact for Cool Operation
  • Door Latch Securely Holds Door Closed and Allows Cover Padlocking
  • Front Removable Mechanical Lugs that are Suitable for Cu/Ai 60 or 75 Deg C Conductors
  • Lugs are Field Convertible to Copper Body and to a Wide Variety of Compression Connectors
  • Hinged Clear Line Terminal Shield with Probe Holes for Inspecting or Testing Line Side Terminals
  • Embossed Aluminum Nameplate on Heavy Duty Switches Provides Highly Visible On/Off Indication
  • Drawn Cover for Increased Rigidity and Resistance to Abuse
  • Top Key Hole and Bottom Mounting Holes Provide Easy 2 or 3 Point Mounting

HF363J 480/600 VAC, 250/600 VDC, 100 A, 3-Pole, 3-Wire, NEMA 12, Fusible, Heavy Duty, Safety Switch

$849.00 / EA
Availability: 12 EA
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More Information
Commodity Level DescripFusible Disconnect Safety Switches
Commodity CodeFusible Disconnect Safety Switches
TypeHeavy Duty Safety
EnclosureNEMA 12
Current Rating100 Ampere
ApprovalUL 98
Fuse ProvisionFusible
Number of Wires3
Number of Poles3
Additional InfoNumber of Fuses 3; Applicable Standard NEMA KS-1, CBC; Application Grounded Wye System Service Entrance Equipment
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