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  • Conduit Body
  • Access Opening Tee Back
  • Configuration TB
  • Cover Type Blue Urethane 2 Mil Coated, PVC 40 Mil Coated Exterior, Aluminum
  • Hub Location Tee Back
  • Number of Hubs 3
  • Hub Size 1 Inch
  • Installation Screw
  • Material Blue Urethane 2 Mil Coated, PVC 40 Mil Coated Exterior, PVC Coated Aluminum, PVC Gasket, Stainless Steel Screw
  • Form Type Form 7
  • Approval UL, CSA
  • Used On Rigid Conduit
  • Color Gray

Features / Benefits

  • Covers are Coated with a Molded Flange to Seal the Conduit Body While the Conduit Body is Molded with a Flat Surface on its Opening to Seal with the Cover
  • Ocal Pressure-Sealing Sleeves on All Threaded Hubs
  • Ocal Conduit Bodies are Shipped with a Cover and Encapsulated Stainless Steel Screws
  • Bodies are Designed with a Flat Back, Allowing More Cubic Inch Capacity
  • The Flat Back also Keeps the Body More Stable During Installation Requiring Fewer Conduit Straps
  • Act as Pull Outlets for Conductors Being Installed
  • Provide Openings for Making Splices and Taps in Conductors
  • Connect Conduit Sections
  • Provide Taps for Branch Conduit Runs
  • Make 90 Degree Bends in Conduit Runs
  • Provide for Access to Conductors for Maintenance and Future System Changes

TB37-G 1", Dark Gray 4 Mil PVC Coated Cast Iron, Threaded, 3-Hub, TB-Type, Form 7, Conduit Body with Cover

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More Information
Commodity Level DescripAssembled EMT Conduit Bodies & Covers
Commodity CodeAssembled EMT Conduit Bodies & Covers
Form TypeForm 7
Access OpeningTee Back
Hub Size1 Inch
Hub LocationTee Back
ApprovalUL, CSA
Used OnRigid Conduit
Number of Hubs3
Additional InfoColor Gray
Catalog PagesCatalog Pages
Specification SheetSpecification Sheet
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