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  • Non-Fusible Safety Switch
  • Type Heavy Duty Safety
  • AC Voltage Rating 240/480/600 V
  • DC Voltage Rating 250 V
  • Current Rating 30 Ampere
  • Power Rating 5 HP at 240 VAC, 7-1/2 HP at 480 VAC, 10 HP at 600 VAC 1-Phase, 10 HP at 240 VAC, 20 HP at 480 VAC, 30 HP at 600 VAC 3-Phase, 5 HP at 250 VDC
  • Number of Poles 3
  • Number of Wires 3
  • Fuse Provision Non-Fusible
  • Neutral Type No
  • Enclosure NEMA 12/3R/3S
  • Size 9.02 Inch W x 10.46 Inch D x 14.14 Inch H
  • Approval UL 98
  • Applicable Standard NEMA KS-1-1990, CBC
  • Application 480 or 600 Voltage Grounded Wye System Service Entrance Equipment

Features / Benefits

  • Quick-Make, Quick-Break Operating Mechanism that Ensures Positive Operation
  • Visible Blade, Double-Break Switching Action
  • Arc Chutes Dissipate Heat and Prolong Switch Life
  • Highly Visible Red Handle Grip Designed for Hook Stick Operation
  • Defeatable Dual Cover Interlock
  • Center Punch Provided for Field Drilling to Allow on Padlocking
  • Handle Can be Padlocked in the Off Position with up to (3) Padlocks with 5/16 Inch Hasps
  • Generous Top, Bottom and Side Gutters that Meet or Exceed Nec Wire-Bending Space Requirements
  • Informative Door Labeling Which Includes Replacement Parts List
  • Tangential Knockouts Through 600A for Easy Conduit Lineup
  • Side-Hinged Door that Opens Past 180 Deg for Easier Wiring
  • Unique Enclosure Design Increases Rigidity and Prevents Cuts and Scrapes to Conductors and Installers Hands
  • Spring Reinforced Fuse Clips that Assure Reliable Contact for Cool Operation
  • Door Latch Securely Holds Door Closed and Allows Cover Padlocking
  • Front Removable Mechanical Lugs that are Suitable for Cu/Ai 60 or 75 Deg C Conductors
  • Lugs are Field Convertible to Copper Body and to a Wide Variety of Compression Connectors
  • Hinged Clear Line Terminal Shield with Probe Holes for Inspecting or Testing Line Side Terminals
  • Embossed Aluminum Nameplate on Heavy Duty Switches Provides Highly Visible On/Off Indication
  • Drawn Cover for Increased Rigidity and Resistance to Abuse
  • Top Key Hole and Bottom Mounting Holes Provide Easy 2 or 3 Point Mounting

HNF361J 240/480/600 VAC, 250 VDC, 30 A, 3-Pole, 3-Wire, NEMA 12/3R/3S, Non-Fusible, Heavy Duty, Safety Switch

$295.20 / EA
Availability: 125 EA
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More Information
Commodity Level DescripNon-Fusible Disconnect Safety Switches
Commodity CodeNon-Fusible Disconnect Safety Switches
TypeHeavy Duty Safety
Current Rating30 Ampere
ApprovalUL 98
Fuse ProvisionNon-Fusible
Number of Wires3
Number of Poles3
Additional InfoApplicable Standard NEMA KS-1-1990, CBC; Application 480 or 600 Voltage Grounded Wye System Service Entrance Equipment
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